Mr Hyde is a daily email aimed at London’s ABC1 men. It covers style, technology, entertainment and the wealth of cultural opportunities available in England‘s capital – whether that is exhibitions and the theatre, or pop-up restaurants and cocktail bars. It offers a premium environment, straight to their inbox, and boasts a subscriber base of over 80,000. Brands within the fashion, grooming, drink and travel have all seen effective results from their email campaigns. Key promotions are handpicked from ShortList’s partners to amplify the core qualities of the editorial and reward the user with a great brand experience.

To contact the advertising team:

  • Business Director: Lauren Shrigley 020 7611 9729
  • Senior Digital Sales Manager: Sarah Gardiner 020 7611 0359
  • Affiliate Marketing: Holly Hathaway 020 3146 4079
  • Sales Manager: Laura Kennedy 020 3146 4060
  • Promotions Manager: Hannah Coorg 020 7611 7126