Since launching in October 2009 Stylist has successfully carved out its place as the weekly for women with wit and intelligence; and that is a strategy we are determined to continue.

Stylist‘s unique distribution system gives it a number of advantages. Not only does it liberate the editorial team to be as creative as they can be, it means the advertising team can offer a variety of creative solutions not available from any other women’s magazine. Cover wraps, reverse covers and cover sections are all opportunities to tap into the creativity of the Stylist brand and its loyal and passionate readership. Stylist‘s relationship with its readers is second to none with 72% reading the magazine since the first edition more than three years ago and 63% seeing every single issue. These affluent, professional women have money to spend with more than 60% of readers buying something they have seen advertised in the pages of Stylist. was launched in October 2011 and since launching, the site has grown to 500,000 loyal unique users, each reading an average of 11 pages per month; and 82% of its users are ABC1 women with a thirst for topical content. From fashion and beauty to careers and literature, is the number one website for intelligent professional women in the UK.

To contact the Stylist advertising team:

  • Associate Publisher: Olivia Smith 020 7611 7866
  • International Fashion And Retail Manager: Sherida Brindle 020 7611 7853
  • Fashion Manager: Gemma Price 020 7611 9709
  • Beauty Manager: Jessica Pennington 020 7611 7128
  • Trading Director: Chris Healy 020 7611 9710
  • Advertising Director: Fad Jamal 020 7611 9715
  • Senior Account Manager: James Delves 020 7611 7123
  • Content Solutions Account Director: Sarah Crowley 020 7611 9736

To contact the advertising team:

  • Digital Innovations Manager: Ash Qureshi 020 7611 7130